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Blue Band's Website
Tuesday, 9 March 2010
Points Chart
Topic: Points Page
User Name   -   Points   -   Month
Velissia           10              March-April
~ ~ ~
Blue Band Website Point Shop: 
9,500vp - 20
Uncommon Book - 35 
Uncommon Plushie - 45
15,000vp - 50
Holiday Item - 55
30,000vp - 100 
More to be added. 
How do I earn BBWP?
You earn Blue Band Website Points by being active on the website, meaning you post a comment.
If I'm a Blue Band staff member, will I be able to edit the website?
If BBChild sees fit, yes.
How many BBWP do I earn per post?
Per ever posted comment you earn 5 BBWP.
If I have a question, is there a special line I can send it to?
You can either Vercomm your question to BBChild or one of the other staff members, or you can email Blue Band, which is listed on the website's profile. 

Posted by vpblueband at 2:51 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 10 March 2010 12:34 PM EST
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Register Forum
Topic: Register

To register on Blue Band's website, just fill out the form below by commenting.  


You must be a member of Blue Band on to register on BB's Website.


Verpets User Name:

Link To Verpets Profile:


All Blue Band members who are active on the website will earn points.  With these points, at the end of the month you will get Verpoints by the amount of BBWP (Blue Band Website Points) you have.  For more information, look at the "Points Page."

Posted by vpblueband at 2:44 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 9 March 2010 2:51 PM EST
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Saturday, 6 March 2010
Blue Band RP
Topic: Roleplaying

Blue Band's RP has finally come out!  (To enter/post, comment)


1. No Godmodding

2. Stick with the plot, but add new ideas

3. No severe swearing

4. Love is aloud, but no sex content, please

5. Have FUN!!


Rosa Spirit takes steady aim on John Williamson's head.  BANG!  The victim collapses to the ground, limp and lifeless.  Rosa quickly hurries over and takes a folded piece of paper from the now-dead John's pocket and then disappears into the shadows.

There's a lot of strange things happening around Sunset Village, the new town that had been recently founded in the unexplored country that folks call "Death Province."

Kids are dropping like flies in all the schools and they're many recent robberies and murders.  What is happening?  How can this be stopped?


Name: (has to be own of your pet's characters)


Status: (are you a good person, or one of the mysterious bad people?)

Looks: (picture or vivid description)





Posted by vpblueband at 12:53 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 6 March 2010 1:21 PM EST
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Friday, 5 March 2010
Topic: Homepage


This is Blue Band's webpage!  If you have any ideas/suggestions/somethingyou want to say,just post here!  This is also where we will be holding our RolePlaying.  This is probably going to be just a temporary webpage until BBChild can upgrade and create a newer and better one.

If you have any questions, email Blue Band!  The address is listed on the profile of Blue Band (click "View Profile"). 



Posted by vpblueband at 8:55 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 6 March 2010 3:40 PM EST
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